Saddle-bag replacement for drop seat posts

A drop seat post like the Gravity Dropper usually rules out a serious saddle bag , a loss that sometimes bugged me during my recent tour of Switzerland and France. While I am no fan of the huge seatbags favoured by American bikepackers, I still wanted to take a little more weight off my back and utilise space under the saddle. Turns out that an additional bottle cage fits the bill very nicely. And surprisingly, it’s even in the right place.


The picture shows an adapter by SKS that attaches anywhere you like: frame, fork or stem. Screw on a bottle cage and insert a so-called cage box, also by SKS, and you have a very versatile storage container with almost one litre of capacity – for supplies, gear or even drink… depending on your trip’s needs. Additionally, the cage box can be used to scoop up water from a stream prior to filtering, or to protect your food from the thieving fauna at night. As luck and the adapter’s partial rotatability would have it, I am able to fix mine to the saddle stay of my hardtail without restricting my Gravity Dropper at all – roughly filling the gap where my saddle bag once was (with just enough clearance for a full 4″ drop). But much obviously depends on frame size and geometry, and others might want a similar, but smaller container. Weight is 180g, using the Blackburn Slick bottle cage – heavier than most bags, but multi-functional to compensate. I took the precaution of installing a couple of cable ties to reinforce the one-click attachment system. No glitches yet, after two full days of rough riding.

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