Biking base in Catalunya

casita_int_bed.previewA friend of mine has a small house to offer near Xerta, Terres de l’Ebre. That’s in Spanish Catalunya – and reportedly a superb region for trail riders. Prices start at € 150 per week, which strikes me as more than fair. So I’m happy to link to his website (expat solidarity!).

casita_ext_back_right.previewA shot from the outside gives you a better idea of the terrain to expect – sadly, I don’t have any trail pix from the area, but my imagination can feed on that mountain in the background. Bikers who want a picturesque, but authentic base with a good bed and wholesome food (optional evening meal for € 7) should also note that the Mediterranean is less than 50km away, which might help to keep the rest of the family happy.

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    Posted on Diada de Catalunya (National Day) no less.

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