Short note for the digitally excitable

red_antiprismThis bikepacking blog is now being written  and (hopefully) read in two places – on my self-hosted WordPress platform and on my site in a new distributed network called the Red Matrix (currently in developer preview, but already impressively functional).  Red is derived from Spanish and simply means ‘the network’. But that term doesn’t do it justice, because it’s so very different from anything you might expect. Different as in…. powerfully different. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information.

From now on, articles will be more or less identical on both sites. I can post from either platform, and they will appear on both – virtually simultaneously. People who set up a Red site of their own (or find a home on someone else’s) will easily find this blog in the new network’s directory – it has the same title in both places.

And now (weather permitting)… back to biking. There’s still a bit of season left to use up.

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